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Erin Markey's Rainbow Caverns at Joe's Pub


Erin Markey's Rainbow Caverns: Greatest Hits of All Time Including the Future

January 6, 7, 14  2018

Judge Judy once said: Don’t Pee On My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining. But Erin Markey is not sure that that isn’t rain. Because in her world, her flower laden open casket service is a theme park, and all the rides are about how confusing sexuality, desire and identity are. 

What we’re trying to say is that Erin Markey and co-composer Emily Bate will present musical excerpts from their critically acclaimed musical A Ride On The Irish Cream (2016)*slow-jam cabaret funeral Boner Killer (2017)and in-development Beach Boys/Spice Girls inspired energy concert Little Surfer (2019). They wouldn’t dare do it by themselves, though. With them is a rock band, a girl group, infamous schmerm/lover Becca Blackwell and many disgusting exceptions to Markey's no-sequins rule in the costume department. The audience is invited to watch as Erin's comedic storytelling melts into gorgeous harmony driven music, but guaranteed: Erin will turn her wild eye on you and give you a slumber party command you don’t dare disobey.